CSMA 2022



  • 23 mai: The best poster prizes winners are:
    • Morgane STEINSUne méthode HHO explicite pour la dynamique des structures, Dynamique des structures (jury: Nicolas LECONTE, Jean-Mathieu MENCIK)
    • Soukaina RIADPrise en compte des effets de la microstructure en fissuration, Durée de vie des structures (jury: David DUREISSEIX, Laurent STAINIER)
  • May 19: The departure time for the Belambra → Toulon train station shuttles has changed: both shuttles will leave at 1:30 PM from the Belambra reception. Both shuttles are full, the registration list is available here
  • May 4: The shuttles for the Belambra → Toulon train station transfert are now scheduled: they will leave at 1:30 PM and 2:30 PM
  • April 29: According to the results of the poll related to the trains arrival time, the two selected shuttles for the Toulon train station → Belambra transfert will leave at 11:45 AM and 1:30 PM
  • March 25: The web plateform for the booking of nights before and after the congress is now available; more information in the "useful information" section
  • March 14:
    • Reminder of the closing of the registrations: March 17, 2022
    • Update of the general program (themes and mini-symposia slots)
    • Featuring the "Dynamics of structures" and "Structures life" themes in the Poster session
  • Feb. 16: Postponement of the early bird payment deadline to February 25, 2022
  • Feb. 4: Closing of the registrations for the CSMA junior. I you want to register on the complementary list, please send an email to the board at csmajuniorgiens@gmail.com
  • Jan. 31: Postponement of the closing of contributions submission for the software session to February 17, 2022
  • Jan. 20: The contributions needing a review must be submitted up to January 31, 2022
  • Dec. 13: The reviewing stage starts today ! The feedback to authors will be sent on January 20, 2022
  • Dec. 13: The contributions submission will be opened up to January 5, 2022. The reviewing stage will be done as the contributions arise for those submitted after December 12, 2021
  • Dec. 1: Last postponement of the closing of contributions submission, to December 12, 2021
  • Nov. 18: The OpenOffice and MS Word templates contained old metadata (title and author) and have been updated
  • Nov. 15: Closing of contributions submission postponed to December 1, 2021


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 Année de la Mécanique 2021-22



The Computational Structural Mechanics Association (CSMA) federates the French community of the computational structural mechanics and organises every two years, since 1993, in the peninsula of Giens, Var, the National Conference in calculation of the structures.

This conference brings together researchers, theoreticians, numericians, software developers and industrialists to make the state of the art on the major axes and emerging themes of the field.

The presentations will take place in the context of thematic sessions and specific symposia. Papers will be presented orally or by poster.

Registration will begin in the morning of May 16, 2021 and the conference will begin at 02:00 PM

CSMA 2022 Themes

Statics and dynamics of structures

  • Beams, plates, shells, composite structures, civil engineering structures, instabilities, structures vibrations, high speed dynamics, vibroacoustic, nanosystems

Structures life

  • Fatigue, damage, cracks, fracture

Contact mechanics, interfaces

  • Friction, thin film, contact modelling and methods, non-regular interfaces

Numerical methods

  • Resolution and discretization methods, models coupling, multiscale methods, X-FEM, DEM, ANM, data sciences for mechanics, optimisation

Biomechanics and bioengineering

  • Biomaterials, biomimicry

Materials models and behaviour

  • Plasticity, viscoelasticity, viscoplasticity, damage, instabilities, multiscale methods, multiphysic couplings, identification, inverse methods



Additive manufacturing et advanced manufcaturing processes 

  • Jean-Yves HASCOËT, Charlotte METTON et Morgan DAL

Deep learning, real time simulation and model reduction 


Coupled systems compuations 

  • Jean-François DEÜ, Boris LOSSOUARN, Stéphane CLÉNET et Morvan OUISSE

Quantification and propagation of incertainty 

  • Mathilde CHEVREUIL, Régis COTTEREAU et Emmanuelle SARROUY

Digital twins et computation – test dialogue 

  • Julien RÉTHORÉ, Jean-Charles PASSIEUX et Etienne BALMÈS

Non-linear dynamics 

  • Cyril TOUZÉ et Bruno COCHELIN


5th Workshop CSMA Juniors 14-16 mai 2022

La section CSMA Juniors de jeunes chercheuses et chercheurs de l’association CSMA organisera son 5ème Workshop en amont du CSMA 2022. Il aura lieu cette année dans le centre IGESA situé sur l’Ile de Porquerolles, et sur deux jours (du samedi 14/05 midi au lundi 16/05 midi).

Comme à son habitude, le workshop sera un lieu d’échanges privilégiés et proposera des activités utiles et inédites pour la jeune génération du CSMA. Le programme comportera, de façon similaire à ce qui avait été proposé en 2019, un ensemble de mini-cours (partie théorique + mise en œuvre numérique) liés aux 6 thèmes du congrès CSMA.

La jeune génération (< 40 ans) du CSMA est donc fortement encouragée à s’inscrire à ce workshop.

Plus d'informations (notamment sur les conditions sanitaires) sur la page dédiée au CSMA Junior.


Software session

The 15th edition of the conference will feature the Wednesday night software session to present your new software developments, whether open source or commercial, to the French computational structural mechanics community.
A demonstration area will be available for participants to present their software.

The presentation at the software session follows the same reviewing process as regular contributions. It will be based on both the technical quality of the extended abstract, the highlighted innovative aspects and the interest for the computational structural mechanics community.
The Word, OpenOffice and LaTeX templates are available in the Instruction to Authors section.
To submit your abstract for the software session, go to the Submit section and select the "Software" theme.
As for regular contributions, access to the software session requires a complete registration, including access to conferences, proceedings of the conference, accommodation and full board accommodation (Monday midday to Friday noon), coffee breaks, Thursday night banquet and the boat trip to Porquerolles.
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